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Pilipinas Hino, Inc. (PHI) was incorporated on March 1975 as a joint venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation of Japan. A participant in the government Commercial Vehicle Development Program (CVDP), PHI is mainly engaged in the assembly and distribution of quality Hino buses and trucks, distribution of genuine Hino spare parts and supply of other automotive-related products and services.

The Company also manufactures truck, bus and utility vehicles bodies. Buses have already been exported to selected foreign countries. It shall continue to do so and shall develop more automotive-related products for export. Among the country's leading automotive firms, PHI holds approximately 30% of Category 4/5 (6,000 kg. GVW and up) of the CVDP sales.

All Hino bus and truck models are developed to meet the demands of owners and drivers who insist upon perfection in transport. Safety, economy, durability, reliability, versatility and ecology - all these and more can be expected from the Hino buses and trucks. Through the Company's quality products and services, and its highly competent and dedicated workforce, PHI consistently secured its place as among the country's top corporations.

Consistent with its quality policy and objectives, PHI has been certified as a quality Assured Cpmpany by the International Standardization Organization(ISO 9001-2000) from the International Standards Certifications Philippines, Inc. for its Quality Management System.


ur company shall at all times be guided by, and shall seek to fulfill, the following:

* To be the leading supplier of trucks, buses, related products and services that meet the specific requirements of Filipino urban and provincial commercial vehicle users.

* To utilize, develop and require the appropriate product and manufacturing technology to ensure maximum value to our customers.

* To utilize and pursue efficient and cost effective resource utilization and management techniques and practices that will yield superior returns to our stockholders and stakeholders.

* To provide our employee group with a work environment that will ensure their development as whole, highly competent, motivated and principled persons and workers.

* To be guided in all of our actions by socially responsive principles that contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of our workers, the communities we operate in and the country we live in.



* We value excellence - excellent products, excellent people, excellent systems and excellent services. We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and aim for the highest standard in our work. We shall promote: "QUALITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO"


esponsiveness to Customers

* We value customer responsiveness. We will ensure this by recognizing the needs and requirements of all customers both internal and external. We will assist customers in the best way we can, in the process making sure that "the customer is always right."


oncern and Respect for Employees

* We commit ourselves to develop our people to be the best that they can be. We shall support their every move towards excellence in their jobs and careers. We shall treat our employees with respect recognizing each one as individual. In the process, we shall expect from them service marked by dedication, respect and loyalty.


ilipinas Hino Inc. is committed to strengthen its position as the dominant brand and manufacturer of quality trucks and buses, distributor of genuine parts and accessories and provider of quality technical services and support to the commercial vehicle sector, consistent and compliant with international standards for product quality, management systems, and related regulatory / statutory requirements.

* To develop and acquire new technology to ensure maximum value to customers and gain a competitive edge over competitors;

* To adapt cost effective resource utilization and management techniques that would result in high quality products at reasonable cost;

* To develop and improve new product designs to meet the changing customer demands and requirements;

* To continually train and upgrade skills of its human resources thus ensuring their development as a highly competent, motivated and principled body of workers;

* To provide our workers with a work environment conductive to increase productivity.

The organization shall maintain awareness to pursue the production of quality products and services at all times.